Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wings of Blessing

There are many blessings scattered all throughout the book of Ruth.  The harvesters blessed Boaz (2:4),   Naomi blessed Boaz (2:19,20),  Boaz blessed Ruth (3:10),  the elders and all those at the gate blessed Boaz and Ruth (4:11-12) and the women blessed Naomi (4:15)   

A thought finds its way into my mind.  Our Lord wants us to bless others.

Last week as I rode the Max train to teach a writing class in Tigard, an  elderly lady who had just moved to our town sat across from me; it was her first time on the train and she was apprehensive. For awhile we talked about buses and schedules then she began telling me her story.  A full blooded Cherokee Indian, lonely, handicapped at birth, she had gone through many hard things. But life was better now; she proudly showed me her engagement ring as she told me about the Irishman who had asked her to be his wife. 

The train pulled into my station and I stood up. "Your stop?" she asked

I nodded and held out my hand. "I'm glad you shared my morning." Then the very words that God had given me as I'd meditated on His Word spilled out from my lips. "May God bless you, my friend."

A blessing given. A blessing received. She reached for my hand and clung to it, there  was emotion in her voice,  "My  Sis," she said, "my sister."

Those  simple words, "May God bless you," have colored my days these past few weeks.  I remembered again how God used them to comfort me following our son's death nine years ago; a hand on my shoulder, a whispered, "May God bless you, my friend, may He bless you and your family."

I have sometimes imagined blessings as wings of truth God has placed deep within the soul. A blessing sets those wings into motion.

For a moment tears mist my eyes.  May God bless each person for whom You have me to pray as I look back, remembering. . . .

May the LORD bless you, dear Friends.


Beth Niquette said...

I love this one, Mumsie--you never know how much a spoken blessing will mean to the person to whom you speak it.

((hugs)) Bless YOU, dear Mumsie!

Looking to the Stars said...

It had not dawned on me that teaching was in the book of Ruth. To bless others, what a wonderful eye opener this was for me.

I am so glad you were there to share that ride with this woman. Thank you for encouraging and blessing me.

Bless you, dear friend.


Lovely to meet you through UBP. This is my first year and I am enjoying finding so many great blogs, like yours.


Gg - Notes on the Journey

Louree said...

"Praises from the Pit" and "Wings of Blessing" touched me in the deepest
part of my heart and soul. thank you Eva for sharing your life and even the blessing found in the midst of your sorrow. Your words are bringing me to tears and even adding to the healing God has been doing in my life since the passing of our son,Jonathan, 13 years ago. Bless you my friend. In His Loving Hands,
Louree Boyd