Sunday, July 12, 2009

Roll, Crash, Crunch

Hello everyone out there. This is Eva's daughter Beth. Monday afternoon (July 5) Dad and Mom were in a terrible accident on the freeway. Dad drifted into the shoulder gravel and lost control of the Ford Explorer. They tumbled end over tea kettle across three lanes of traffic to land on upright in the grassy median between the northbound and south bound lanes.
The odd thing is that Dad and Mumsie's lives were saved by an invention of my brother-in-law Paul. He holds the patent for those airplane wire barriers stringing down the middle of I-5 from Wilsonville to Salem. If it weren't for that barrier my parents would have flipped into the southbound lanes of the highway.
Miraculously they survived. Mom has some pretty bad bruising but she's alright. Dad broke his neck, but the break did not sever or damage his spinal cord. The top of Dad's head was literally scalped from his head by the broken windshield. The surgeon was able to close the wound so the bone is only exposed in an area about the size of a 50 cent piece.
Friday we brought Dad to my sister's home, where he and Mom will stay for the next six weeks while he is recovering. Please pray for Dad's quick recovery from his wounds and that Mumsie will feel God's presence and the love of her friends all around her. Mom is carrying a terribly heavy burden.
Thank you so much for your love and prayers.



Wow, this is a miracle they survived
this accident. Still keeping both of your parents in my daily praying.

Lois said...

From looking at their car, it is truly miraculous that they survived!

Looking to the Stars said...

In many beliefs there is a saying that there are no accidents in life. In the christian faith there is Romans 8:28. Whatever the burden is that Eva is carrying, give her a hug for me Beth and whisper Romans 8:28 in her ear. All my love to your family

Nina P. said...

Every one loves a story and boy does this picture talk:

It talks of fear and tragedy, survival barely thought.
It talks of Faith unending and angels from above.
It talks of miracles and stories, many yet to tell.
It talks of His Great Love and ever healing hand.
It talks of family gathering with heart felt fear and Love.
It talks of Life so precious who’s time we never know.
It talks of every moment more precious than before.
It talks of Loved ones dear that pray from heart to heart
It talks of Gods Great Healing, and Precious Hope He gives.
It talks of Life Eternal , someday but not just quite
It talks of Life unfinished, with things you’ve yet to do
It talks of fears faced, and the Light of God shines through
It talks of Gratefulness, for such a precious life
It talks of many stories, you have yet to tell
It talks of life beginning, every breath a gift from God

My heart felt prayers of Healing, go out to you and your family.
Love and Light, Nina P

Clytie said...

Every breath truly a gift from God.

Sunny said...

Your parents must certainly have a guardian angel. God Bless them both.

Grannie Annie said...

Dear Eva & Dad???
I am very relieved and happy to hear that you are getting on so well after your horrific accident.
Our Father in Heaven truly watched over you that day.
My prayers for your continued good health and recovery are yours. Eva, I am sooo glad that you are around to write again because there is nothing worse then an unfinished story. May the good Lord continue to bless you and your family. Many blessings, Deann

Nita said...

WOW what a miracle that they survived. (looks like Paul is going to be the favorite now)
I hope they continue to heal and will keep them in my prayers.
Keep us informed

~Cheryl said...

Dear Eva, I pray that God's blessings continue as your family rises above all these obstacles. I have always enjoyed your posts; they touch my heart and give me hope that maybe I can also use my own talents better. In appreciation, I have given you an award of gold. Please stop by my blog to pick it up, if you wish. Love and prayers, ~Cheryl

Angie said...

Hi Eva: Beth keeps me posted on how you are coming along after the auto accident. I have prayed for you. I did meet you once a long time ago at the Lacomb church. I don't even remember the circumstances. This is when I found out about your books and bought some for my granddaughters.

Glad you are both better.
Love from us,
Angie & Mike

JC said...

Eva and Mr. Eva :)

I just wandered into your blog and found this post from July. I pray they two of you are healing up on all fronts.

I'll be praying with everyone else for your continued recovery.